Hvalina Irina, Хвалина Ирина, artist

I am Irina Hvalina, born August 4, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. As a contemporary artist, illustrator, and entrepreneur, my life has been woven intricately around the vibrant tapestry of art. I hold memberships with the Union of Russian Artists, the Professional Union of Artists, and the International Academy of Contemporary Arts.

Art has been my calling since my earliest years, with beauty and the myriad forms of artistic expression drawing me in, defining my life, and becoming a core part of my identity. The art I create is meant to extend beyond mere aesthetics; it aims to reveal and evoke deeper emotions. My distinctive ability to capture the harmony and beauty of the world invites viewers to step into the realms of my creation, to savor, experience, and feel each moment as they unfold.

Mediums and Methodology in Irina Hvalina’s Creativity

My portfolio showcases a range of artworks crafted in various mediums, such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and pencil. Each piece I create is born from superior-quality materials, chosen meticulously to ensure the longevity and preservation of my art.

A Life Enriched by Art

My artistic expression is not limited to painting and drawing. As a multi-faceted individual, I also delve into other forms of art. Playing the piano, composing music, and creating sculptures are some of the ways I continue to challenge and express myself creatively. The rhythm of music, the fluidity of dance, and the three-dimensionality of sculptures further expand the horizons of my artistic pursuits.

In addition to these, my passions extend to singing, evident from the recognition I’ve received for my solo performances and years spent in choirs. My musical and artistic skills are further honed through my educational journey.


Thirst for knowledge

My profound connection with nature, coupled with my interests in science and technology, shapes my artistic vision. A relentless thirst for knowledge underpins my art, reflecting a curiosity that extends beyond the canvas and into every aspect of life.

My creative process revolves around playful experimentation with colors, compositions, textures, and materials. This methodology helps me develop unique, lasting pieces characterized by intricate details, rich textures, and a harmony between realism and imagination.

Invitation to Explore Creations by Hvalina Irina

If you’re seeking art that transcends visual appeal and resonates with deep symbolism, I invite you to explore my collection. My objective as an artist is to create pieces that not only beautify spaces but also immerse viewers in narratives teeming with depth and reflection.

For those curious about my creative process: I paint my oil works on long-fibered Belgian linen canvases, employing only the highest quality materials and pigments. For watercolors, I use 100% cotton paper with unique textures.

Hvalina Irina painting

My creativity also extends to the digital realm, where I produce digital illustrations and cater to customized requests. I am proficient in software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premier Pro, After Effects, Zbrush, and more.

A Journey in the Art World

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of participating in numerous esteemed Russian and international competitions and exhibitions. I have showcased my work across various countries, including Italy, Spain, the USA, the UK, Russia, and more.

Hvalina irina and Book

Professional Achievements

This exposure and my dedication have earned me accolades such as first and second-degree laureate and the coveted Grand Prix. My illustrations have graced the pages of print media, demonstrating my ability to create both raster and vector digital illustrations, along with traditional ones made with pencil, pastels, and markers.

Collaboration and Commissions

If you’re intrigued by my work and would like to collaborate, I’d be delighted to hear from you. You can contact me through the methods listed on this platform. Whether you wish to acquire a ready-made piece, place a bespoke order, commission an illustration, or request photo editing services, I’m here to bring your artistic visions to life.