As an artist, I, Hvalina Irina, have always been enamored with flowers. They are a manifestation of nature’s fleeting beauty, and my intent has been to capture this transience in my artwork. My watercolor painting, «Roses», is a vivid example of this endeavor.

painting by Hvalina Irina, roses, stillife, watercolor on cotton paper art

Composition in flowers art «Roses»

When I gaze upon a rose, I’m captivated by its sheer delicacy and profound elegance. The complexities in its folds, the slight color variations in its petals, and the manner in which it blooms are elements that I find infinitely fascinating. In this painting, I wanted to share this fascination with viewers and make them part of the intimate dialogue between nature and art.

Hvalina Irina watercolor Roses fragment

Beauty of Detail and Realistic Technique

‘Roses’ is a detailed and realistic depiction of roses at various stages of blooming, painted using high-quality watercolor on 100% cotton paper. It captures an overhead perspective of the bouquet, so you won’t see a vase, only the assertive flowers, seemingly reaching out to the viewer. There are four large, bloomed flowers, and three that are still in buds. I chose to present flowers in various shades — red, pink, green, and yellow — some monotone, others with complex patterns.

Hvalina Irina watercolor Roses fragment

The hues I’ve used are diverse, reflective of the multitude of tones you would find in a natural bouquet. These are not just colors, they are each representative of a different stage of life, a different emotion, a different story. Each petal is a celebration of its own uniqueness, yet in harmony with the whole.

The leaves surrounding the roses provide a contrast and frame that further emphasize the flowers. Part of these leaves seems to dissolve into the background, a technique I used to create a sense of depth and to give an ethereal quality to the painting.

The background of the painting, kept in cool shades, serves to bring forth the vibrancy of the roses. It is calm and serene, giving the flowers their moment in the limelight.


Emotions Embodied in «Roses»

As with every stroke in this painting, I’ve endeavored to bring alive not just the visual aspect of roses, but also their emotional resonance. Each stroke is an expression of my admiration for these divine creations and my aspiration to preserve their ephemeral beauty through my art.

This painting, ‘Roses’, is a piece of my heart, my ode to the queen of flowers. I invite you to immerse yourself in this exquisite depiction, let it evoke emotions, and let it tell you its story — a story of love, of passion, of nature’s enchanting dance.

Hvalina Irina watercolor Roses fragment

Watercolor big roses for collection

Watercolors have a distinct way of reflecting the essence of what they represent. With this beautiful painting, I hope to offer an experience that is as close as possible to beholding a real bouquet of roses. It is more than just a painting, it’s a sentiment, a poetic dialogue, a tribute to the enchanting beauty of nature.

I hope that ‘Roses’ touches your heart, just as the real flowers do, bringing a sense of joy, tranquillity, and a deep admiration for nature’s wonderful creations.

Besides this painting can be a wonderful addition to your collection and you can buy it in my shop.

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